addition, free hand sanitizer, clean wipes, paper towel s, warm rice buckets,

addition, free hand sanitizer, clean wipes, paper towel s, warm rice buckets,

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To maintain the shape of your Baggallini purse, stuff it with tissue paper or clean towels while it dries. This will help preserve its structure during the drying process. Allow your purse to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

A dusty box was pulled out from under the bed, covered with dust, wiped clean with a towel, tore open the tape, the mouth of the box popped open automatically, and the contents were full.

two。 Go out less and get more ventilation. During the epidemic period, you should avoid going to crowded places as far as possible, and wear masks correctly if you must go out. After the emergence of related symptoms should be timely medical treatment, and home isolation. During isolation, items used by patients, such as towels, should be boiled and disinfected, and windows should be opened several times a day to ensure smooth indoor air flow.

Multi-functional towel rack, can hold a variety of things, can be said to be the storage master of the toilet. Towels of all sizes can be easily collected, neat, beautiful and space-saving, and the water at the bottom of the washbasin can be drained in time to prevent mildew and bacteria. It is convenient and practical to hang towels and shoe brushes.

It is recommended to check whether the wire plug bundle is loose after the network server. It may also be a common problem in the car body control module. Be sure to use the video decoder to match the car body control module again. You can repair it. In the process of using the car, we should attach great importance to the cleaning and maintenance of the dashboard in the car. The surface of the automobile dashboard is covered with many power master switches, holes, grooves and punches, which are complex in appearance and easy to hide dirt. We can use all kinds of wood or scale pieces of different thickness to repair its head into different styles such as oblique triangle, rectangle or sharp shape, and then use a clean cotton towel to remove the stumble. it can not only improve the expected effect of removal, but also not easy to harm the removed parts.

Sunscreen is also an important part of sunscreen. Generally speaking, the amount of sunscreen applied each time should be about the size of a teaspoon in order to achieve sunscreen effect. If the dosage is too small, the effect of sunscreen will be greatly reduced, and prolonged exposure to the sun will still lead to sunburn and spots on the skin. At the same time, we also need to remind you that sunscreen products do not last for a whole day, so you need to apply them a few more times. It is recommended that you reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially after swimming, sweating or drying towels. If the skin itself is easy to grow spots, it is recommended that we strengthen some sunscreen measures, such as wearing hats, umbrellas and so on.

Safety is a prerequisite for the beginning of the school year. Students are required to wear masks to and from school every day after the start of the school year. Except for PE classes that do not need to wear masks within a safe distance, they are still required to wear masks during the rest of class. Therefore, parents should bring their children several masks that meet the standard of disposable medical masks or equivalent protection levels for students to replace. In addition, free hand sanitizer, clean wipes, paper towels, warm rice buckets, drinking water and so on are also items to be prepared before the start of school. Because of the special period, the school carries on the completely closed management, the students can not leave the school at noon, all the teachers and students of the school bring their own lunch. Therefore, parents need to prepare warm buckets for their children and bring their own lunch and a certain amount of drinking water every day.