as possible, remember to use a softer towel to gently press

as possible, remember to use a softer towel to gently press

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Practicality is an essential factor when considering a gym bag, and the Uniqlo drawstring bag excels in this regard. The ample storage space allows you to carry all your essentials without any hassle. With a spacious interior compartment, you can easily store your workout clothes, sneakers, towel, water bottle, and other accessories. Additionally, the bag features an external zipper pocket, ideal for keeping your phone, keys, and wallet secure. No longer will you need to rummage through your bag to find your belongings; everything is neatly organized and easily accessible.

In addition, before resuming business, the service unit should thoroughly clean and disinfect the business premises, equipment and facilities, and tableware, clean up the food materials purchased before suspension of business, deal with expired and deteriorated food raw materials, and make good records of destruction. The procurement, raising and on-site slaughtering of live poultry and livestock shall be prohibited, the procurement of food materials of unknown sources shall be prohibited, and the operation and storage of wild animals or wildlife products shall be strictly prohibited. During the business period, eliminate virus ventilation is carried out regularly for dining places, cleaning facilities, personnel passageways, elevators, bathrooms and other facilities. The dining room of the dining room should be disinfected once a meal, and the unused private rooms should be disinfected once a day. Tableware should be stored in a closed cleaning cabinet after disinfection, which should be provided immediately during the meal. Tableware should not be placed on the table in advance. To provide consumers with hand liquid, disposable disinfection towels and other epidemic prevention materials. Employees wear masks throughout their work. Put the waste mask into the special trash can, disinfect the trash can every day, and use the trash can with lid.

One of the most common eye diseases in summer is “pinkeye” (acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis), which occurs mostly in people who swim regularly. Can be transmitted through contact, contagious, rapid spread, infected hands, towels, water and so on can become a medium.

High temperature season, construction workers need to do high-intensity work outdoors, easy to fatigue, heatstroke, is the accident-prone season. In order to reduce the incidence of accidents, protect the health of construction workers, so that front-line construction workers can feel cool in the hot summer, Longgang District Housing Bureau and the Federation of Trade unions of the construction industry launched “cool in summer” activities to go deep into the first Bureau of China Construction to enlighten Xiexin Phase II, the Tianan Digital City Project of China Xinjiang Construction Engineering, the Zhongguang Nuclear Project of the eighth Bureau of China Construction, and the project of Longgang District Otorhinolaryngology Hospital of the eighth Bureau of China Construction. Express cordial condolences to the construction workers fighting in the high temperature and send condolences such as kettle, towel, sunscreen ice sleeves, toilet water, Wang Lao Jiliang and so on, benefiting more than 5000 construction workers.

two。 Moderately engaged in leisure activities although you should try to keep your baby in an air-conditioned place in summer, it is also important to go out moderately to engage in leisure activities to keep your body and mind in good health. Postpartum repair pointed out, “after the activity, wipe the sweat away as soon as possible, remember to use a softer towel to gently press the skin, avoid excessive rubbing and damage the surface structure of the skin, and then change into clean spare clothing.” Swimming is also a good activity, she said, but the pool contains chlorine, so it is recommended not to soak for too long and rinse with clean water immediately after swimming and apply moisturizing lotion. 3. Choose clothes that are breathable and sweat-absorbing to relax and breathe.

After the towel rack has been used for a long time, there will be a layer of rust on the surface, mainly because we usually use towels to wipe our faces, so that there are sweat stains on the towels, and then the towels are often put on the towel rack, which will cause corrosion to the surface.

as possible, remember to use a softer towel to gently press